Frustration, exhaustion and what should have been….

I really didn’t want this to be a ranting, miserable blog but I really need to vent at the moment and this seems like the best place.

John turned 2 last June, if fact that was also the last time I posted, and about one week after his birthday he decided he does not like going to sleep any-more or staying asleep. Needless to say we are exhausted. People keep telling us it’s an age thing and maybe they are right but when he screams and shouts and flings himself about every time he gets tired and for a long time it is horrible and exhausting and no one seems to understand just how hard it makes doing simple, normal things. He shouts and protests about almost everything and although I am grateful that he knows what he wants and how to get it, I do wish he could just tell me in words rather than with the air raid  siren impressions. His mood can chance faster than lightening from happy giggling John to full blown air raid siren with flailing limbs and arching back, these tantrums are usually only ended by presenting him with a muller rice or when exhaustion takes over and he falls asleep. It is making life quiet difficult, going out or even staying in has to be timed around when he is likely to kick off but as with most 2 year olds he like to keep us on our toes and never sticks to a routine.

and whilst we are battling with the frustration (his and ours) the exhaustion and general blah feeling it seems that (almost) everyone else i know with kids Johns age have been having a wonderful time, baking, singing, swinging at the park, splashing in the sea and general regular happy family stuff…and yes i admit although i am not proud of it I am very very jealous of their seemingly perfect lives and wish they would stop shoving it in my face!!! (i know i sound bitter and spiteful but i’m just knackered) I can’t help thinking that should have been us why was it our son, why John?


About Claire

Wife, Mother of 2 grubby boys, adventurous and creative.
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