Time to blog

Finally have 5 minutes peace and quiet and am awake enough to think. Now i just don’t know where to start…I have had so many things I wanted to post about but my mind has been foggy from lack of sleep, now I can’t remember these things or they are out of context to what is going on right now.

All is well with John and his new baby brother, time has flown and Matthew is 10 weeks old and John will be 2 of friday…TWO!? how did that happen?. Time is a strange and mysterious concept, it does not feel like 2 years since John was born and yet it feel like he has always been here. Thinking about the days before his birth now as I type and it’s making me sad, that time of ignorant bliss and joyful expectation, if only we’d know what was about to happen…I’m going to stop there I do not want this blog to become a place for me to dwell in self-pity, John is a happy, amazing, determined, fantastic little boy and I want to celebrate the Joy that is John not mourn what he is not.

I just can’t believe my little boy is nearly 2.


About Claire

Wife, Mother of 2 grubby boys, adventurous and creative.
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