Random thought about Bogies

I have just been reading a post over at Love That Max and it reminded me of a conversation I had with a good friend of mine a while back. We were talking about the “normal” things that we hope our kids will learn to do, you know (well if you have a kid with developmental delays you will) the usual stuff like talking, walking, using a toilet etc.. but one thing that really made me feel quite sad is that Monkey Socks may never be able to pick his own bogies! I know, random right? The thing is this is something that anyone who can do it does even if they won’t admit it and to not be able to would be like having an itch you can’t scratch. Things like getting about, sitting, communicating  etc can all be aided with contraptions and gadgets. He may even learn to do these things without help in his own wonky way. But picking your nose requires very fine motor skills, trying to get a tiny little wiggley finger on the end of an un-cooperative arm into a tiny little nostril without getting poked in the eye might present a bigger challenge and as far as I know there are no bogey mining contraptions available to help. I know it’s random and weird but he can’t wipe his bogies on my shoulder forever…can he? and it’s just another thing on a seemingly endless list of “normal” childish things my little fella might never do.



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Wife, Mother of 2 grubby boys, adventurous and creative.
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