Hello and welcome to my blog. I have been debating starting this blog for some time now, and I have finally got around to it so here goes.

Monkey Socks is my first child (real name John), he is 21 months and 4 days old and due to problems at birth he has cerebral palsy. Sometime in the next 3 weeks Monkey will become a big brother, and I a very busy mammy, so I thought I had better get started before the chaos begins.

Here as the title suggests, I will write about him and his adventures, the ups and downs of figuring out how to do things when your muscles don’t work the way they should (which at the moment means shout till mammy or someone else does it for you).

Monkey Socks is currently at physio with his Daddy which means I have an hour or 2 of rare peace and quite so I can think, but I haven’t had breakfast yet and my head is a little fuzzy because of this and lack of sleep and hormones so I think I shall make some breakfast and then continue with introductions later.



About Claire

Wife, Mother of 2 grubby boys, adventurous and creative.
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